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Terms and Conditions od the warranty services

  1. The warranty is granted for the period of 24 months from the date of purchase, with a possibility of its free extension after the registration of the product on the website (periods of extended warranty are provided in the Warranty Registration section).
  2. Defects discovered in the period of warranty will be removed not later than within 14 days from the acceptance of the equipment to service.
  3. Should it be necessary to import product components from another country, the time of repair will be extended by the time necessary for importing that component. The customer will be informed about the expected equipment service time due to the need to import components from abroad.
  4. A warranty repair will be performed after presenting: a warranty document regarding the faulty equipment signed by the customer, a valid proof of purchase of the equipment with a visible date of sale.
  5. The Service Center certifies the fact and date of repair in the warranty document.
  6. The Customer has the right to claim product replacement with a new one, if:
    • during the warranty period, the service center performs 3 repairs of the same defect and the equipment continues to indicate the existence of the defect which prevents its use for the intended purpose.
    • the service center finds that removal of the defect is not possible and declares it in writing
  7. If after fulfillment of the conditions stipulated in section 6 replacement of the equipment with a new item is impossible, the customer will have the right to claim reimbursement of the paid amount.
  8. Defects of drive belts, bulbs or reading lasers are not covered by the warranty.
  9. The warranty does not cover damage occurring due to external causes, such as: mechanical damage, contamination, flooding, lightning discharges, overvoltage, equipment installation and software update which do not comply with the manual, operation incompatible with the intended purpose, headphones damage as a result of overload, amplifier oscillation or the signal source, appearance of DC voltage on the amplifier output.
  10. The prerequisite for the Customer exercising their rights resulting from this warranty is usage, maintenance and storage of the equipment in the manner specified in the manual.
  11. The warranty does not cover any damages resulting from the lack of proper equipment protection ensured by the customer during its transport, in particular, during removing, inserting and carrying the equipment.
  12. The warranty also does not cover damages resulting from misuse of the equipment. This provision also refers to the use of non-professional equipment for professional purposes. Damage of this type can be removed at the customer's cost.
  13. The warranty does not cover any product technical parameters claims , provided that the parameters are consistent with the data provided by the manufacturer in the manual.
  14. The service center has the right to refuse to perform a warranty repair in the following cases:
    1. discovery of discrepancies between data resulting from the documents and those actually present in the equipment
    2. seal tampering or breakage
    3. previous performance of repairs by one's other means
    4. design changes, including equipment alteration and adaptation
  15. Refusal to perform a warranty repair due to the reasons specified in section 14, items b) - d) constitutes a loss of the warranty.
  16. Guarantor: FNCE S.A. Kurantow 34 Str., 02-873 Warsaw, Poland

The preceding warranty terms and conditions neither limit nor suspend the buyer's rights resulting from the regulations on the statutory warranty for defects in sold goods.