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About Focal Naim Deutschland GmbH

Focal Naim Deutschland GmbH has its roots in 1993, when it was founded under the name "music line" for the distribution of products from the English manufacturer Naim Audio in Germany and Austria. Since 2012, the company's distribution portfolio in Germany has also included the French brand Focal, with its full range of hi-fi and multimedia speakers.

In 2019, the company received its current name and in 2021 became part of the European distribution group FNCE S.A. (Focal Naim Consumer Electronics) with a similar business profile. Thanks to the new owner and its extensive investment plans, the company is a very important distribution member of an international trade organization in Europe, distributing high-quality audio products and accessories for demanding audiophiles and music lovers who care about the reproduction quality of the music reproduced.

We are united by our passion and love for music in its pure and original form. We are as committed to it as the people who make the products of the brands in our range. We deliberately work with only a few manufacturers and keep our lines of communication short so that we can always help quickly and unbureaucratically.

Their selection for our portfolio is not random and allows us to build audio systems that convey the joy of musical fulfillment, confidence in quality and the possibility of future expansion. Our commitment has been recognized, among others, five times by the premium dealers of the trade magazine STEREO with the award "Distribution of the Year".

Currently, thanks to our participation in a larger and stronger international structure of the parent company FNCE S.A., we are part of a large purchasing group and not only have access to its resources in the form of warehouses in the center of Europe. In addition, we access the modern technological solutions in the field of supply chain management and have excellent international service facilities on site. Focal Naim Deutschland serves our home territory in Germany and Austria, while FNCE S.A., thanks to affiliated and cooperating companies, serves our customers in Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Switzerland.

Flexibility, efficiency and competence of our employees and proven subcontractors give us a solid basis for further development and testing of often innovative distribution concepts in practice. These combine the interests of the most important brands in full synergy and provide our partners with ready-made distribution solutions and the end customers with satisfaction with the purchased products.

The Team of
Focal Naim Deutschland GmbH